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How to prevent the strain of lumbar muscles?

  Lumbar muscle strain is one of the common orthopedic diseases and caused by many reasons. Orthopedic experts say these diseases mainly include chronic injuries to lumbar muscles, ligaments and intervertebral discs. Sedentary jobs make people more vulnerable to lumbar muscle strain.

  Below down are the advices from experts to avoid lumbar muscle strain.

  1. Pay attention to posture in life.

  While lifting things from the ground with squatting motion, avoid bending and adding burden.

  2. To strengthen our physique.

  For those who have the sedentary lifestyle, low back muscles are weak and vulnerable. Thus they should strengthen the lumbar muscles intentionally. Secondly, they need to pay attention to self -regulating , combining exertion and rest, which means avoiding long-term fixed motions or stooping with strength. Usually, after long standing, moving around or changing to sitting can relax muscles and conserve energy.

  3. Be careful with the sleeping conditions.

  Spine should be naturally curved, while we should avoid stimulations such as damp and cold bed.

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