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Rehabilitation centre

  Our hospital is committed to providing superb service for people around the world who need rehabilitation. As the designed hospital for national team players of Chinese Olympic committee, the rehabilitation center covers an area of more than 800 ㎡ which is divided into treatment area and physical therapy area. This team is made of 15 specialized and experienced specialist, physiatrists and nurses, among which there is 1 physiotherapist from Taiwan. Our center is equipped with advanced and efficient physical treatment devices, with a harmonious and modern environment. We develop a customized rehabilitation plan for each patient, we concern the harmony between the body and mind of the patients, we rebuild patients’quality life, and we help them achieve their aspirations of coming back to the family and the society. Our center has received more than 20000 outpatients and inpatients since it was established in 2005.

  Rehabilitation Concept

  Combining exercise therapy with manual therapy and physical therapy

  Clinic range

  Rehabilitation of Orthopedic and joint injuries: postoperative orthopedic diseases sport injury and senor chronic neck and shoulder pain rehabilitation, such as the conservation or postoperative rehabilitation for Prosthetic joint replacement , after limb fracture surgery, hip and knee arthritis, arthroscopy , the rehabilitation for neck, shoulder, waist and soft tissue (injury) .

  Rehabilitation of sport injuries: the conservation or the rehabilitation for ligament injury of ankle joint, cruciate ligament reconstruction, after rupture of Achilles tendon reconstruction, Rehabilitation of ligament injuries of knee joint (front and rear fork or collateral ligament) injury to the meniscus and ligament reconstruction after surgery, tennis elbow ( lateral epicondylitis of humerus ), haglunds deformity, carpal tunnel syndrome , limbs, muscle or tendon strain recovery.

  Rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries: paraplegia tetraplegia and incomplete paraplegia.

  The rehabilitation of office sub-healthy people: neck shoulder low back pain, posture correcting and functional training of upper and lower cross syndrome.

  Rehabilitation items

  Sport therapy includes proprioceptive, gait correction training , muscle endurance exercises , outbreak of muscle force plan, core muscle strength training , coordination training, agility training, start fascial relaxation therapy , self traction therapy, comuter-neck lumbar traction therapy.

  Manual therapy includes correction of the spine, joint mobilization, dynamic joint mobilization, neural mobilization, myofascial lysis , myofascial stretching therapy e.g.

  Physical therapy includes intermediate frequent electric currency,transcutaneous electrical nerve, short-wave diathermy,magnetic therapy, ultrasonic therapy, laser therapy, spa, extracorporeal shock wave therapy, verve and neuromuscular deep vibration therapy.

  Clinic feature:

  Special treatment includes scan plantar pressure test, constant velocity testing and training techniques, static and dynamic balance test and training, suspension training (S-E-T) technology, technology of super-equal-length training.

  Closely cooperated with orthopedic and interfered early pre-operation.

  After each patient discharged, our center will pay a back visit each year or two.

  Making appointment for door-to-door service in advance, and to combine with orthopedic specialists to make individual treatment programs.

  Regularly organize health educational jobs such as health care examination and volunteer medical consultation.

  Hotline : 010-52713366

  Appointment online: www.dcn.org.cn

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