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Emergency department


  Emergency department is the level 1 department in our hospital. It takes on the emergency rescue work of DCN, with a beautiful environment and well-equipped facilities. It has rescue room, transfusion observation room, operation room, therapeutic room, dressing room, plaster room. We have installed advanced imported equipments such as GE C-arm, multifunctional defibrillator, multifunctional ECG monitor, gastric-lavage machine, Raphael respirator, etc. We also established a 24-hour green channel for emergency work in order to treat and rescue patient immediately. All doctors are attending doctors or above, while the nursing team are quite skilled. They provide a one-to-one warm service when you are in treatment, which can decrease your stress effectively. The emergency department has treated and cured more than 1,000 acute and severe patients in 2016.

  Business scope

  Emergency rescue: CPR, gastric lavage, traffic injury, combined injury, etc.

  Emergency trauma: debridement and suturing, debridement and fixation of open fracture, etc.

  Closed reduction: reduction of shoulder joint, elbow joint, wrist joint, hip joint, knee joint and ankle joint, manual reduction of the mandibular dislocation, manual reduction of the children bone fracture, manual reduction of the adults fracture.

  Acute pain treatment: acute episode of gout, nerve block analgesia of scapulohumeral periarthritis, cervical spondylosis, protrusion of lumbar intervertebral disc; painkilling injection for tenosynovitis and bursitis, lubricating syringe for gonitis.

  Outpatient surgery: minimally invasive treatment and release for tenosynovitis, minimal invasive excision of ganglion, tylectomy, CT-Positioning aspiration biopsy, surgical treatment of paronychia, nail removal, internal fixator removal(hollow rivets, kirschner wire), etc.

  Emergency intravenous infusion: common internal diseases and surgical diseases, infusion of frequently-occurring disease.

  Home visiting service: appointment for infusion, dressing change, taking out stitches, tearing open the plaster, etc.

  Ambulance transportation: appointment for picking up and sending outpatient to examination; and for admission, discharge and transfer of inpatient.

  Consulting Tel: 010-52713366

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