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Division of Sports Medicine (Arthroscopy)

  major developments in the 20th century orthopaedics. Arthroscopy allows the delivery of a imaging camera of less than 4 mm in diameter into the articular cavity, which transmits the magnified image of articular lesion to the monitor. Meanwhile, a purpose-built delicate instrument is inserted through another small incision to help orthopaedic surgeons to give a full examination and surgery with the assistance of arthroscopic monitoring. The Division is equipped is the most advanced arthroscopy

  system in Asian and Pacific region to give patients an optimal arthroscopic treatment.

  1) Reconstruction of anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments Arthroscopic minimally invasive surgery has been available for the reconstruction of anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments.

  2)Rotator cuff tear repair

  Giant rotator cuff tear has been successfully repaired by using Arthrex® arthroscopy.

  3) Meniscus tear repair

  Meniscus tear repair has been successfully performed on patients by using arthroscopy.

  4) Arthrolysis of knee joint

  Arthroscopic arthrolysis along with exercise rehabilitation is remarkably for the treatment of traumatic joint rigidity and adhesion.

  5) Achilles tendon repair

  Achilles tendon repair has been successfully performed on patients by using arthroscopy. The incision requires no suture, which is favorable for Achilles tendon repair.

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