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Prof. Gengting Dang Prof. Gengting Dang
Skilled in the treatment of: Cervical Spodylosis, Cervical Spinal Injuries, At…
Prof. Suguro Toru Prof. Suguro Toru
Skilled in the treatments of: Artificial Joint Replacement of Knee&Hip.
Prof. Qingtai Li Prof. Qingtai Li
Specialised in: Bone&Joint Fracture of Hand, all kinds of hand diseases, Skin …
Prof. Yi Liu Prof. Yi Liu
Chief Physician,Professor
Particularly good at: Internal Fixation of Fracture, Treatment and Rehabilitat…
Division of Health Check
An individualized health check plan is decided for the needs of visitors based on age, profession, and region. The plan can be integral, flexible, and combined. It gives the visitors more choice in a rational and economical way......
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